Product Introduction
Water-Soluble Silver Protectant DDL

- This product is a water-soluble gold and silver protective agent, which is composed of chiral carpiperazine compounds, cationic bactericides and carboxylic acid type deoxidizers. Before use, it needs to be heated in a water bath until it is clear and transparent. Then immerse the workpiece in a solution diluted with water to form a protective layer on the surface of the workpiece. The formed protective layer can be applied to jewelry, ornaments, various planes or tubular utensils. Especially suitable for electronic connectors and the like, because the impact on contact resistance is very small.

  1. Equipment Requirements

BathBath with stainless steel, PP, PVC, PVDC or highly lined
Ventilation environmentNeed
HeatingWater bath heating to prevent decomposition of organic matter
StirCirculating mixing with water pump
FilterGenerally not required

  1. Operating Conditions

RangeBest value
Preparation of DDLml/L20~6040
Immersion timemin3.0~8.05.0