Product Introduction

Lubricantion And Protection Nmp-6618s


- Application

Suitable for the electric contact surface and decorative surface of silver plating or silver alloy and silver and silver alloy.

-Product Attributes

StatusMilky white liquid (1:20-30)
Flow Pointbelow 60 ℃
Ignition PointNone
Contact Resistance5mΩ (coated test piece)
Volume resistivity101010Ωcm
Featureslong term stability; non-toxic and no side effects; no volatilization; no sublimation; no sticking; no dust absorption; no corrosion of plastic and rubber.

-Operating Conditions

Working Temperature-80 ~ +220℃
Coating Temperature48 ~ 58 ℃, Not suitable for normal temperature use.
Film Thickness50 ~ 300nm
Application Amount16g / m2
SolventDistilled water or ionic water (pH value must be greater than 6.0)