Product Introduction

Potassium Thiocyanate


Properties:Colorless crystal specific weight is 1.886 melting point is 172.3℃,soluble in water,ethanol and acetone it can generate [Fe(SCN)6]3 when react with iron salt, it has no reaction with ferrous salt.

Index nameBest qualityFirst qualityQualifier
KSCN assay(dry)≥%
Appearanceclear and transparent
Chloride %≤
Sulfate %≤
Heavy metal(Pb) %≤0.0020.0020.002
Fe, %≤0.00010.00020.0008
Water content %≤

Usage: General: Mainly used in sectors of pharmaceuticals, pesticede, textile, electroplanting, phogography etc
Raw material for the production of a number of a number of pharmaceutical products.
Raw material for the production of a number of herbicides and fungicides and pesticides
Photographic industry for tonong, sensibilisation
Packaging: 25kg each net, Kraft-plastic laminated bags with PE liner.