Product Introduction

Additive For RC-90 Sn-Co-Zn Alloy Plating


1. The deposit appearance is similar to chromium deposit. The anti-corrosion and brightness can compare with chromium deposit, the covering ability is superior to standard chromium plating.

2. The energy consumption is lower than that of chromium plating.

3. Suitable for general barrel plating on small parts, production efficiency can increase.

4. The technique is used for light industrial products without special toughness demands. It can get big economic benefit due to being as a substitute for chromium plating.

Bath Composition and Operating Condition

Stannous Chloride ( SnCl2.H2O)20~30g/L
Cobalt Chloride ( CoCl2)8~12g/L
Zinc Chloride ( ZnCl2)5~10g/L
Potassium Pyrophosphate ( K4P2O7)220~280g/L
RC-90 Additive20~30ml/L
RC-90 Stabilizer4~8g/L
AnodePure tin plate