Product Introduction

Aluminum Anodizing Low Temperature Chemicals Sealing Agent  Phoenix Seal 184


Low Temperature Aluminum Anodizing Chemicals Sealing Agent High Efficiency


Phoenix Seal 184 series low temperature sealing process allows sealing of anodic oxide layers on aluminium and its alloys to be carried out at temperatures in the range 25 ~ 35℃.


1. Compared with the traditional cold sealing process,the sealing speed is reduced and the sealing quality is better;

2. No required for long time heating, the bath can be ready for operation immediately after make-up.

3. Workpiece is easy to rinsing, no residue;

4. Two components ,Phoenix Seal 184A and Phoenix Seal 184B, it will not cause unbalanced due to different consumption.


ItemRangeBest condition
Phoenix Seal 184A3.5-5.0g/L4.0-4.5g/L
Phoenix Seal 184B3-7ml/L4.0-4.5ml/L
Ni2+800 ~1300ppm900~1100ppm
F-300 ~ 1000ppm400~800ppm
Temperature25 ~ 35 °C28~30°C
Time(about)10 ~ 30min15~20min
PH range4.8 ~ 6.85.8~6.5
Air stirringNot recommendedNo
Cycle filtrationSuggested useUse


25kg plastic drum