Product Introduction

Aluminum Anodizing Chemicals Room Temperature Sealing Agent  Phoenix Seal 183


Phoenix Seal 183

Room Temperature Sealing Agent

Product Description

Phoenix Seal 183 is room temperature sealing process(26 - 30 ℃) for aluminum and aluminum alloy anodizing. The excellent performance is best suited for the automotive industry.


• Significant savings in energy consumption compared to conventional sealing processes

• Reduced processing time by 70 to 80%

• No residue on the product surface after sealing

• No need of heating for a long time, can be put into production immediately (during holidays and maintenance)

• Sealing quality is superior to conventional sealing agents

Operating data

Phoenix Seal 1833.0 – 6.0 g/L
Treatment time (appr.)10– 30 min.

(For special products, please follow the recommended


pH5.0 – 6.5
F-500 – 900ppm


20 Kg or 25 Kg