Product Introduction

Electrolytic Coloring Additive Stannous Sulfate Based  Phoenix EB223 EB224


Phoenix EB223 EB224

Electrolytic Coloring Additive

Product Description

EB223 is a stannous sulfate-based electrolytic coloring process stabilizer, which is a blue-violet liquid.

EB224 is a solution containing a special additive, with a high content of stannous sulfate, can be a good upgrade tank stability. This product is a high content of stannous sulfate, long-term storage may produce a small amount of precipitation, does not affect the use.


※ improve the bath stability, significant cost savings.

※ excellent dispersion ability, so that the color distribution in the complex surface evenly.

※ does not contain toxic and harmful chemical substances.

※ does not contain phenol and cresol.

※ Easy to control: Suggested analytical methods and supplementary methods.

Optimum operating conditions

EB223 25-60g/L(optimum 36g/L)

EB224 96±20g/L

Sulfuric acid 20±2g/L

Temperature 22±1℃


25kg plastic drum