Product Introduction
Nickel Guard 71 plating protectant

Nickel Guard 71 is a new type of post-treatment agent for electroplated parts. Electroplated parts are immersed in Nickel Guard 71 solution, and a transparent water-repellent protective film is formed on the surface to prevent water flow marks and water traces on the surface of the coating during drying. And improve its ability to prevent rust and discoloration. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for nickel plating post-treatment to achieve high decorative effects.


1. Low concentration. Nickel Guard 71 is a highly effective nickel post-treatment agent with a concentration of 0.3-1% and long-lasting efficacy.

2. Quick dehydration. Nickel Guard 71 has a powerful dewatering effect, and the plated parts can be completely dehydrated by immersing them in a dewatering solution for 5-20 seconds.

3. Anti-rust and discoloration. Nickel Guard 71 contains a variety of corrosion inhibitors. Due to their synergy, they can improve the rust and discoloration resistance of the coating and increase the salt spray test time.

4. Easy to use and maintain. Nickel Guard 71 has a wide range of concentration and good dehydration ability in the 0.3-1% concentration range, so it is easy to maintain.