Product Introduction


  • Electroplating can be carried out in a wide range of zinc metal content 5.5-18.5 g/L.

  • Can make the workpiece surface bright and decorative even the temperature up to 48 ℃.

  • Excellent covering capacity and dispersing ability in low current region, especially for some complex workpieces for rack plating. Such as pipes, fittings and computer shell.

  • Good dispersion capacity. High current density: low current density can reaches 1.5. It can shorten the plating time and reach a minimum standard of coating thickness. Can improve the efficiency of the use of zinc.

  • Good tolerance with the impurities in the bath such as calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, cadmium and chromium.

  • It is suitable for low current density of barrel plating and wide current density range of rack plating.

  • Easy to accept various passivation post treatments.