Product Introduction

CX-2000 for Ammonium Zinc Plating Process


CX-2000 Brightener for Ammonium Zinc Plating

  • Specific Properties & Application

  • Superior white brightness and leveling ability.

  • Remarkable throwing power.

  • High coverage ability and high current efficiency.

  • Bath is clear and easy to maintain.                          

Bath Composition & Operating Condition

Ammonium chloride(NH4Cl)  160~240g/L

Zinc chloride(ZnCl2)     35~65g/L

CX-2000A               1~1.5ml/L

CX-2000B               40ml/L

PH                   5.0~6.5

Temp.                 10~40℃

DK                   0.5~4A/d

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