Product Introduction

Zinc Plating Chemicals Water Soluble Sealant PN-2

Type : Cyanide Free
Use : Copper, nickel, chromium and alloy coatings
Item : Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Chrome free Sealant Zinc Plating Chemicals PN-2

1. Properties

1. A kind of environmentally-friendly sealant which does not contain hexavalent chromium.

2. Can form an organic protective film with good hardness and gloss.

3. Easy to operate. Suitable for the sealing after treating a variety of zinc passivation layers. Can prolong the lifetime of passivation layers.

2. Process Flow

Zinc plating → Wash → Treat with diluted nitric acid → Wash → Passivate → Wash with recycled water → Seal with PN-2 → Dry (60~80°C)

3. Process Parameters

PN-2 Sealant: 10-50% (v/v, the higher the concentration, the thicker the sealing layer is.)

Temperature: 25-60°C

Time: 30-80 seconds

pH: 8-10

Drying temperature: >60°C (the higher the temperature, the shorter the sealing time, but no more than 120°C)