Product Introduction

Bright Zinc Alkaline For Rack And Barrel Plating ZN 50

Type : Cyanide Free
Use : Alkaline Zinc Plating

Bright Zinc , alkaline for rack and barrel plating , ZN 50

Bright Zinc ZN 50 is an alkaline, non-cyanide process for rack and barrel plating. Features of Bright Zinc ZN 50 are as follows:

  • excellent metal distribution

  • especially good adhesion of zinc layers

  • high cathode current density range

The zinc deposits are bright over a wide current density range, and can be easily chromated or passivated.

The information in this data sheet is based on laboratory as well as practical experience. Figures quoted for operating limits and replenishment quantities are for guidance. Actual values necessary will depend on the components being plated (material and geometry), their application and plating plant conditions.

Zinc ions8 - 15g/l
Sodium hydroxide90 - 130g/l
Sodium carbonate< 60g/l
Starter ZN 5115 - 2520ml/l
Replenisher ZN 520.5 - 2ml/l
Additive ZN 535 - 20ml/l
Additive ZINC P11 - 4ml/l
Additive ZINC P22 - 8ml/l
Temperature:20 - 3025°C
Cathodic current density:Max 5A/dm²
Anodic current density:> 10A/dm²
Cathodic current efficiency:see table below
Deposition speed:see table below