Product Introduction

Brightener for Cyanide Free Alkaline Zinc Plating ZN-500

Type : Cyanide Free
Use : Alkaline Zinc Plating

Brightener for ZN-500 Cyanide Free Alkaline Zinc Plating


1. Not only with wide range of technology, which can be plated on zinc metal component in 6-24g/l, but also with high stability.

2. The plating is with good toughness and its thickness can be up to over 25um, the zinc plating is still soft, not crisp.

3. Wide operating temperature range. Bright coating can be got even at 52 ℃.

4. With good dispersion ability in low current area. It is more effective for zinc plating, especially for rack plating the polygonal deep concave workpieces.

5. With good tolerance with the impurities present in the solution such as calcium, magnesium, lead, cadmium, iron, chromium. Easy to accept a variety of post-passivation treatment.

Bath composition and Operation condition

Rack platingBarrel plating
ZN-500 Brightener10~16ml/L
ZN-500 Additive for low current area1~2ml/L
ZN-500 Purifier1ml/L
ZN-500 Water treatment agent1ml/L
Cathode current density(Dk)0.2~6A/dm20.2~4A/dm2
Anode0#zinc ingot