Product Introduction

PP / Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Surfactant Alkynol Ether Derivatives


PP corrosion inhibitor ; Alkynol ether derivatives ; Metal corrosion inhibitor

1. Product performance

appearance : Light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

Solid content (%) : 65.0~69.0

PH : 7.0-7.5 (10% aqueous solution)

2. Product application

consumption : 5~50g/L

Metal corrosion inhibitor, especially suitable for steel, copper and aluminum substrates, is mainly applicable to the following formula system:

(1) Corrosion inhibition protection of acid cleaning metal;

(2) Metal corrosion protection for rust and scale removal of acid system.

3. Packaging and storage

Packing : 25kg / plastic barrel

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place