Product Introduction

OX-66 H-66 Phosphate Polyether Ester Alkali Resistant Solubilizer


OX-66 Alkali resistant solubilizer ; H-66 Phosphate polyether ester ; Used in industrial commercial cleaning, paints


Test itemIndex
Colour number≤30#
Appearance(25°C)Colorless to yellowish liquid
Solid content(%)49.0-51.0
OdorSlight odor
Proportion(25°C), g/cm3>1
SolubilityWater solubility
Surface tensionNeutral:45; alkalinity:41
Foam heightNeutral:50/8; alkalinity:105/25


OX-66 is a water-soluble cosolvent that is stable under acidity and alkalinity conditions. It can solubilize low and medium foam surfactants without affecting foam properties. And it is suitable for various nonionic and anionic alkaline systems.

OX-66 is resistant to electrolytes and has excellent salt tolerance, which can significantly increase the solubility of nonionic surfactants in high alkali salt solutions at high temperatures.

It can be widely used in industrial commercial cleaning, paints and coatings, paper and textile, agricultural chemicals, oilfield chemicals and other fields.