Product Introduction

Emulsifier TX-10



Component: condensate of alkylphenol and epoxyethane
Molecular formula: RO(C2H4O)nH
HLB value: 12-13(for your reference)

AppearancePH valueCloud point
colorless sticky liquid5.0-7.0(1% liquor)60-80°C (1% liquor)

Properties and Application:
<1> easy to soluble in water, with excellent emulsifying and cleaning agent.
<2> An important component of synthetic detergent, used to prepare detergents for industrial and household use.
<3> One component of oil reagent in synthetic fiber industry. Besides emulsifying, it is antistatic.
<4> As emulsifier in general industry.
<5> Antiseptic, wetting agent and corrosion inhibitor.
<6> As auxiliary for leveling, dispersing, wetting and cleaning in printing and dyeing industry.

Storing and shipping:

packed in 200kg iron drum. It is non-dangerous and non-toxic goods, stored in cool, dry and ventilated places. Shelf life is one year.