Product Introduction

Cyanide Free Brush Silver Plating Process FI-7803


1. Features and scope of application

Silver brush plating is simple in operation, fast in deposition of the coating, good in bonding, low in cost, high in production efficiency, less pollutant discharge, and excellent in conductivity and solderability of the coating. It can be used in electrical appliances, electronics, communication equipment, and instrument manufacturing industries.

2. Process flow

Silver brush plating on copper surface

Surface finishing → degreasing → scrubbing with decontamination powder → washing → electric cleaning and degreasing → washing → activation → washing → FI-7803 cyanide-free brush silver plating → washing → pure water washing → anti-tarnishing treatment → inspection

(If the substrate is a copper alloy, copper should be plated before silver plating).

3. Operating condition



900 ~ 1000ml/L


9 ~ 10

Power consumption coefficient

0.018 Ah/(dm2μm)



Working voltage2~7 V
Operating speed3~10 m/min