Product Introduction

Derusting Agent  988



  • The Rust Removal Agent 988 can speed up the removal of rust and black rust while maintaining the true color of metal. It has no side effects on baths and the coatings. Furthermore, it has some degreasing effect.

  • It inhibits acid fog extremely strongly and does not produce gas. It can improve working conditions and reduce the corresponding acid fog pumping system pipelines.

  • It can extend the lifespan of chloric acid, reduce the usage of chloric acid and wastewater discharge.

  • This rust removal agent features good corrosion inhibition under normal conditions. The steel will not be over-corroded within a few hours., which reduces the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement.

  • It is applicable to the pre-treatments for metal workpieces like low-carbon and medium-carbon steel wires, cold strips and plated tubes.

II. Technical Formulation and Operating Conditions

Basic Operating Conditions for Bath

Industrial Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)



200~600 ml/L


1~30 minutes

Usage of AdditiveRust Removal Agent 988: 30~50 ml/L
Consumption RateIt is best to maintain the Baume at 10 to 17°Be'.