Product Introduction

Meta-Nitro Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt


Formula Structure:

Meta-Nitro Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt(MBS)Yellow Powder

Molecular formula:C6H4O5NSNa

Grade: Industrial products

Description: A yellow powder, soluble in water and acid, insoluble in some organic solvents, such as alcohol, cther, benzenc, etc.

Quality Standard for MBS (HG/T2591-94)

Diazo value (concentrated)70% or 90% or 95% min.
PH value7-9
Solubility25g/l non-turbid
Insoluble in water≤0.2%
Moisture3.0% max
Calcium Salt (Ca2+)0.6% max


1. It is used as a resisting agent for dyeing and printing go avoid forming striation which appear on coloring fibers with dyestuffs in the process of dyeing textile fibers

2. as an oxidizing agent or metal-stripping agent for electroplating technique.

3. as an intermediate for dyestuffs to synthesize other kinds of dyestuffs, etc.

Packing: plastic bag containing 25kg net within the knit bag for export.

Storage: stored in dry place, prevent from water and fire.