Product Introduction

Sodium Gluconate


Product name: Sodium Gluconate
Molecular formula: C6H11 Na O7

Molecular weight: 218.14

Description: White or tiny and yellow grain or crystallize powder.

Quality standard:

Loss on drying≤0.5%
Heavy metals≤10ppm
Reducing substance≤0.7%


1. In the medicine field, it can keep the balance of acid and alkali in the human body, and recover the normal operation of nerve. It can be used in the preventation and cure of syndrome for low sodium. In this purpose, it also can be used as food additives.

2. It can be used as water quality stabilizer because it has excellent inhibiting capacity to scale.

3. Used as surface cleaning agent of metal.

4. Used as cleaning agent of glass bottle.

5. It also can be used as water reducing agent and retarder in the building industry.

Packing, transportation:

1. 25kg woven bag or compound brown paper bag with plastic lining;
2. 500kg or 1,000kg woven bag with plastic lining.
3. On the clients' requirements.

Storage and Transportation:

This product keep in shaded, cool and air places. The shelf time is 2 years. It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product. protect them from sunshine or rain. Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package.