Product Introduction

Potassium Pyrophosphate


English name:Potassium pyrophosphate
Molecular formula:K4P2O7
Molecular weight:330.05
CAS NO.:7320-34-5

This product is white block solid or powdery or particle solid, easily deliquescence, easily soluble in water, aqueous solution is alkaline, insoluble in alcohol. Mainly used for non-cyanide plating, surface treatment, top-grade detergent, paint coating, cleaning agent, dispersing agent and buffer in industry; In food grade, it is mainly used as the emulsifier, organization improver, chelant and quality ameliorant in food processing.

ModelIndex name

Export gradePlating grade
Tetra potassium pyro-phosphate K4P2O7%9698
water insolubles %0.080.08
ph value(1% water solvent)10.51±1
Or thophosphate PO4No distinct yellow color when react with 0.1NAgNO3
chloride (Cl)%0.45-
heavy metal contents (Pb)%0.01-
total phosphorus content(P2O5)%41-

Packing :25Kg double-lined with plastic and the outside is woven bag; Customer requirement