Product Introduction

Sodium Benzoate


CAS NO.:532-32-1
Molecular Formula: C6H5COONa
Appearance and properties: white particles , flakes, or powder, with sweet taste.Soluble in water easily, but slightly soluble in ethanol.

Executive standard
Pharmaceutical standard: BP98,Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000
Package: 25 kg or 5 kg woven bags, lined with PE bag inside .
Use: This product is an excellent food preservative, can be used as the antiseptic sterilization of various food and beverage.Such as: soy sauce, pickles, jams, soft drinks, drinks with excellent effect. It also be used as antiseptic sterilization of various drugs in pharmaceutical industry, and it has certain anti-cancer also can be used as antiseptic in the commodity industry, such as toothpaste, ink, glue and adhesives etc..It can be used in the production of metal’s corrosion inhibitor, antioxidant, anti-rust paper, cutting fluid, anti-freeze liquid ,It can also be used as preservative in plastic industry, feed industry,and paint. Its use is very extensive and effective.In the Organic chemical industry it is also used widely.