Product Introduction

Sodium Hypophosphite


Chemical formula: NaH2PO2 • H2O

Molecular weight: 105.99

Executive Standard: HG / T 3253-2009

Characters: Colorless monoclinic (or acicular crystal) powder, colorless, odorless, taste salty, deliquescence strong, soluble in water, glycerol, alcohol, insoluble in ether.


Mainly used as a chemical plating reductant, the plating can not be carried out on large equipment and small objects, or require more precision with a concave and convex complex shape, or deep hole wall, or require a higher surface hardness and wear resistance , Or plastic ceramic, glass, quartz and other non-metallic materials can be obtained on the surface of dense uniform, and more excellent than the plating of nickel-phosphorus coating. Widely used in electronics, aviation, machinery, petroleum and other industries. Also for synthetic resin interface activators, molecular weight regulator, heat stabilizer.

Packaging and storage: 25Kg kraft paper bags, 500Kg / 1000Kg container bags, stored in ventilated and dry place.

Sodium hypophosphite≥ 102.0%
Sodium phosphite≤ 0.20%
Sulfate (SO42-)≤ 20 mg/kg
Chloride (Cl-)≤ 20 mg/kg
PH5.0 - 7.0
Ca≤ 20 mg/kg
Fe≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Ba2+ testPass
AppearanceColorless crystals, no lumps or visible impurities
Water solubilityClear water solution, without impurity
Pb1.0 mg/kg
As1.0 mg/kg
Cd1.0 mg/kg
Cr1.0 mg/kg