Product Introduction

Electrolytic Nickel Button


What is electrolytic nickel button

Using the method of electrolysis, the round cake anode material of nickel plating was made. Because of its convenient use and good liquidity. The effective area of the titanium basket is large, which will not produce "bridge" or "hole", so it is conducive to production. Moreover, because it does not go through machining (shearing), it will not produce machine grease and other pollution, and the surface is very clean, so it does not need to be cleaned before use, and can be added directly.

What is sulfur nickel button

In the process of making nickel buckle by electrolysis, the electrolyte contains sulfur forming component, so the nickel buckle produced by electrolysis contains a certain amount of sulfur, which forms alloy with nickel.

Sulfur is an anode activator, which can greatly improve the current of nickel anode passivation. Therefore, a high anode current density can be used in electroplating production to avoid the occurrence of anode passivation, which is very conducive to improving the production efficiency and plating layer quality. Nickel buckle with sulfur is an advanced anode material widely used in the current industry, which is widely used in aerospace, national defense and military industry, electronic plating, iron and steel metallurgical equipment, machinery, new energy batteries, light industry, etc.

How to use sulfur nickel button

Just like the use of nickel angle and nickel bead, it can be placed in the titanium basket and hung on the anode bar, but an anode bag shall be added outside the titanium basket to prevent a small amount of anode sludge generated during the use from falling into the bath.

Chemical composition

Metal compositionNickel containing sulphur cakeNickel cake without sulfur